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Co-Brand for Double the Treats and Double the Opportunity

Bet you can’t stop at just one! Co-branding has never been better with GoTo Foods™, and snack-hungry customers love our mouth-watering options. Increase revenue opportunities with crave-worthy combos.

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Co-branding, a strategic marketing and partnership move, teams up two or more brands and their operating models in one physical location. By combining forces with more than one GoTo Foods brand, franchisees have a win-win situation. At one integrated order counter, you can offer combined loyalty programs and special deals from both brands–attracting customers by giving them more of what they love. Sweet and salty, crunchy or creamy, you can serve up something to please everyone!

There are a multitude of reasons co-branding can be an exceptional opportunity.

Location Liberation

Break out of the mall food court and become more visible and accessible by going streetside! Two or more brands under one roof offer real estate benefits and allow for the expansion of territories. Not to mention, we can nab on-the-go diners with a drive-thru!

Craving Satisfaction

Co-branding gives consumers more to love with the power of choice. Variety and convenience offer craving satisfaction in one spot, leading to increased brand awareness and visitors potentially trying new items.

Wide Appeal

Co-branding our “one-of-a-kind” brands lets you offer combinations that cater to all-day and all-season snacking. Capture the morning nibbler, the afternoon sweet tooth, and the late-night muncher, maximizing your sales potential from open to close.

Four Iconic Choices

We’re offering four tasty brands from our Specialty portfolio. They bring something unique to the table and complement each other well with outrageous flavor combinations. All have huge potential to grow in core venues, hot territories, and beyond!

Co-branding opportunities currently include: