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Franchise with the Sweetest Brand on the Market

Since we opened our first Shoppe in 1934, Carvel® has become a beloved staple in communities across the world, serving up fresh ice cream and genuine smiles. With signature sensations and unforgettable flavors, Carvel® has earned its place as a leader in the ice cream segment. Now, you can build a legacy of your own by opening a Shoppe in your neighborhood.

Get A Serving
of this Sweet

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    As of 12/31/2023

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Benefits That Will Make You Melt

A Family
Favorite Brand

Carvel® has been cultivating a loyal following for 90 years with loyal fans across the globe.

Small Footprints,
Big Opportunities

Some of the best things come in small packages. Our host of traditional and nontraditional venue options range from 800 to 1,600 sq. ft. so you can think big in an economical space.

Real Estate and
Construction Support

Our experienced real estate team will provide site selection assistance and partner with our design and construction team, which will assist in designing your space and providing construction support for your buildout.

Carvel® College

Both you and your managers will receive hands-on training from our experienced team to familiarize you with franchise operations.


Our in-house marketing team will develop national, quarterly and seasonal campaigns, in addition to helping you formulate your own local marketing plan.


Carvel® offers support in multiple facets of your business, such as supply chain distribution, menu development, marketing, PR, social media, and cost optimization.

A Rich History &
a Bright Future

On Memorial Day weekend in 1934, Tom Carvel’s ice cream truck broke down in his neighborhood in Hartsdale, New York. Instead of closing, he kept right on selling. He soon realized that people loved the creamier, lighter taste of melting ice cream, and Carvel’s® famous soft serve was born. To commemorate this invention, Tom opened the first brick and mortar Shoppe right where his truck broke down.

Today, Carvel® is driven by the same ingenuity that turned a single Shoppe into an international franchise opportunity with more than 300 locations across 8 countries. We value our traditions, like celebrating with a famous Carvel® ice cream cake, but we’re just as excited about the future.

We’re Growing Far and Wide


Our Ideal Franchise Owner

Are you a match for the Carvel® franchise? Find out what makes up our perfect franchisee.

Operational Experience

You have experience in key operational roles. Restaurant-specific experience is a plus.


Making sure customers leave with a smile is always a top priority.

Financial Requirements

  • $140,000

    Minimum Liquid Capital

  • $379,045 - $590,860

    Estimated Initial Investment for a Full Shoppe1

  • $350,000

    Minimum Net Worth

Treat Your Neighborhood to a Carvel® Shoppe

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